The ever-increasing amount of electronic data has created significant obstacles for attorneys and their clients. Today’s lawyers and legal professionals must not only understand substantive and procedural law, they must also understand legal technology and data preservation retention policies in order to navigate the growing world of ESI. LexQual has employed document reviewers i.e. contract attorneys and/or paralegals that understand the legal and factual issues in the litigation and are able to make the necessary judgment calls as to privilege and responsiveness. In consultation with in-house and outside counsel, reviews are planned, implemented, and monitored by LexQual using proprietary processes designed to increase efficiency and quality.


LexQual assists personal injury Attorneys and Solicitors. Our services include Filling of Intake Sheet, correspondence with medical facilities and insurance companies for gathering medical bills/records and other details to prepare the claim letter. We assist attorneys in drafting of demand letters and medical summaries allowing them to invest and focus more time in determining a very competitive pre-trial settlement amount. We also help them in drafting of Summons and Complaints, fact finding and discovery issues, researching on applicable case laws and statutes, filing and calendaring of necessary documents if the issue moves to the litigation stage.


Our legal research team are well acquainted with US laws and research tools, on-line databases such as Westlaw and LexisNexis to cull out case law information that suits clients’ requirements. Our legal research begins with an analysis of the facts and concludes with the application and communication of the results. Our legal research approach provides sufficient accurate data relieving clients of their burden and allowing them to focus on more strategic issues.


We also support and assist attorneys, law firms, corporations and individuals to manage visa applications right from inception to successful completion. Attorneys at LexQual are extremely knowledgeable about immigration laws and are efficient in researching on complex requirements of legal immigration, populating USCIS/Immigration forms and drafting of petitions, correspondences, and memorandums to immigration authorities.


LexQual provides IP support including patent search, copyright registration, patent registration, patent proof reading etc. We being experienced professionals have got hands on experience of different patent search and portfolio analysis projects and are always open to take up new challenges upon an untapped and ever growing market of IP. We are open to learning new things and ready to deliver as and when expected to. We also have knowledge on the Hatch Waxman Act and Para IV litigation; have reviewed documents, done Native Excel spreadsheet redaction which is one of the core and tedious aspect in Patent Infringement litigation in Pharmaceutical Industries.


Deposition summaries are an invaluable tool for attorneys in litigation. Accurate deposition summaries are an effective alternative to the tedious task of reviewing lengthy legal transcripts. Our team has in depth expertise in analyzing long depositions and providing an accurate summary of relevant facts which would act as a quick reference on specific topics or statements addressed. We help our clients by summarizing deposition testimonies into crisp, concise, and accurate clerical digest customized and tailored formats to fit client’s requirements and needs.


Contracts are managed to help the contracting parties to have more visibility to their contracts, set a smooth work flow, and identify risks enabling instant remedial actions. It is an asset to a business organization in the sense that it brings in more visibility, ensures compliance to obligations, blocks revenue leakage, reduces contract cycle times, and enables good governance. Our team at LexQual are familiar with Contract Review and Obligation Management concepts. The team is capable of analyzing complex contracts in the format required by the client; identify key terms, including identifying and capturing Deliverables & Obligations (DnO) and Key Metadata.


Conveyancing refers to transfer of ownership of a property from one person to another that includes sale, purchase, mortgage, and remortgage. Conveyancing may be either Residential that deals with flats and houses or Commercial that deals with properties intended for commercial business purposes. Conveyancing in UK is done by a solicitor or a licensed Conveyancer, and can be dealt in three stages, agreeing to a Sale or Purchase, Exchange of Contracts, and Completion. Our attorneys at LexQual can assist our clients in preparing initial quote, drafting and reviewing of memorandums, contracts, survey reports, valuation reports etc., searches, respond to enquiries, and post completion works.



Lexqual Offers Legal Transcriptions services to transcribe audio files relating to legal dictation, notices, deposition, court hearing, summaries etc, into text files.


Lexqual offers support services to firms handling cases pertaining to property Settlements, Financial Agreements, Children's Living Arrangements, Divorce, Separation, Family Law Settlements, De Facto Property Settlements, Family provision issues, Wills


We at Lexqual help IP law firms, patent Attorneys and patent Agents by providing services such as: Prior art search, patent landscapes, invalidity and infringement studies, claims mapping studies, freedom to operate studies, patent illustrations, proof read published patent applications and issued patents, and conduct patent related studies.



Lexqual's uses customized tools and 3 level quality check to proof read patents for punctuation errors, grammatical errors, spelling errors and other common errors.


Our Business and Competitive Intelligence services provide tailored business information and legal research solutions to corporation and law firms- empowering them to make critical business decisions. As a trusted advisor to our clients, we work with them to define their research needs and identify appropriate sources to provide them with customized reports that satisfy their business obligations.