• Attorneys are capable of delivering high quality legal solutions.
  • We have demonstrated that our legal services are equal to or often better than similar work done by world-class law firms.
  • Ability to work with clients’ contract management staff to ensure that data is easily retrievable, costs are controlled, deadlines are met, and the overall process meets client needs.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality of client matter is our priority and therefore, each resource and collaborator of LexQual is bound by confidentiality agreements. At LexQual we have state of the art security measures installed to protect client data and proprietary information.
  • Our Pricing Models gives you substantial cost savings that can be as high as 60-70%.



We have a highly qualified, dedicated and experienced team of Attorneys, who work constantly to understand our client’s requirements, process the assignment, meet deadlines and finally deliver excellent quality work. We take great care to ensure the impeccable quality of products, service and process. We use Lexis Nexis, West Law and other premier online research tools to facilitate quality service.


Our lawyers are trained in the Common Law system of India and are managed/ supervised by lawyers admitted to the Bar in India. Our lawyers understand the multi-cultural and multi-jurisdictional aspects of international business. We have a team of experienced lawyers trained at various levels and utilised depending upon the client’s requirement. The team will be expanded when assignment/work warrants.


We provide a 24/7 turnaround time facility for better access and timely completion of work.


We use highly advanced technology in order to facilitate best quality service to our clients at the same time using secure work processes. We utilise the best hardware and software used in the trade to ensure reliability. VOIP communication available.


We occupy a 3000 sq.ft carpeted area with computers supported by backup servers and advanced security software; we have training/conference rooms, Secured high speed broadband Internet connections, permanent land line connections, power backup and surveillance cameras. Our infrastructure also includes a robust LAN/WAN setup and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) that enable us to integrate with client sites and File Transfer Protocols (FTP) facilities. The infrastructure facilities which we provide can be expanded when the volume of work warrants.


We preserve confidentiality and security through rigorous policies and procedures to which we strictly adhere. The data security policies are managed through check over Internet connectivity, acceptable use (authentication of use of infrastructure), data access controls/ separate logins and personal security (signing up non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements with employees, camera surveillance on work stations etc).Utmost importance is given to our client’s confidentiality and data security.