R.Ram Raj – Managing Director




Ramraj has a deep knowledge of the Legal Process Outsourcing industry, its customers, markets and business. He is an industrialist and commercial venture expert who is responsible for managing the administration, finance, accounting, offshore business negotiations and corporate affairs of LexQual. Passionate about building an organization that leave a legacy, Ramraj has worked hard to create an inclusive, global culture within LexQual. A post graduate in Social Dynamics and Master of Philosophy in Sociology, Ramraj brings in rich values and high experience in managing corporate governance of our company.

R.V.Gurunathan – Director




Gurunathan is a seasoned Indian litigator having extensive and comprehensive legal practice as corporate legal professional and as consultant and legal advisor to Legal Process Outsourcing Companies. He has substantial expertise in Contract Drafting, Personal Injury Services, Immigration Support Services, Intellectual Property Services, Family Law Support and Due-Diligence. Gurunathan is known for his depth of knowledge and passion for driving sustainable improvement with clients. His focus includes operationalizing the vision through resource plans that balances the use of resources and the effective deployment of simplified processes and enabling technology.

W.R.Sujan Isaac – Operations Director




Sujan designs and builds workflows and project plans for LexQual’s clients, and is responsible for ensuring project delivery in line with client requirements. He leads our technology innovation group, utilizing cutting edge technology to provide optimized solutions for our clients. Sujan oversees the development and delivery of new projects as well as the operational software and technology that will drive both organizational growth and manage the business. He is responsible for corporate development, driving commercial strategy, pricing execution, security and data protection efforts.

Sudeep TR – Senior Legal Associate

Sudeep actively manages projects in Contracts Management, Litigation Support, Legal Research and Personal Injury Services inclusive of Medical Summarization portfolios and leads our legal managed services team. He has 10 years of experience in the field of Legal Process Outsourcing and has provided services starting from pro se clients to attorneys and law firms in the U.S. He is proficient in Legal Research, Contract Management and Legal Drafting inclusive of Complaints, Motions, Briefs, Memoranda and other Legal Writings which effectively minimizes the cost and enhances the time for production of clients.