We are India Based Legal Outsourcing service providers with high quality and timely delivery processes. Our experienced Indian Lawyers and registered professionals have combined common law work experience of Trial, Corporate Litigation and business operations. We are committed to high quality services and standard data security regulations. Our strength is state of the art infrastructure and technology.LexQual is a company registered under Indian companies Act. It complies all statutory regulations and compliances.

  • Committed to legal, moral and ethical business practices
  • Experienced management team and effective on-the-ground leadership
  • Best-in-class operational controls and execution
  • Comprehensive regulatory and contract compliance programs
  • Quality management systems certified to ISO 9001 standards
  • Solid Client growth and steady expansion in all areas of legal outsourcing

Core Competencies

Training is done by experienced Attorneys in Outsourcing Business from CMMI Level 5 company trained resources in top management.

Team of 10 Attorneys with 3 senior Attorneys in Management panel.

Writing samples and brochures are available on specific requests on priority basis.

All the Attorneys are from recognized Government Law schools and Practiced before High courts and other courts.

We have repeatable processes installed and controlled for high volume work products.

Why choose us?

Access to our expertise : To allow you to focus on your mission of providing high quality products and/ or services to your customers, it only makes sense to outsource skill-specific tasks to experts who can perform it better and faster. The benefit of outsourcing to us prove more cost-effective for you rather than spending resources to train your staff to handle it. You save on money and precious man-hours.
Focus on core activities : As your business grows in size, all the back-office, routine, non-core functions also increase, and could affect the quality of your core activities. By identifying and outsourcing your legal tasks to us, you can redirect your work to us.

Services Offered…

  • Contract Management
  • Legal Research
  • Legal transcription
  • Legal Publishing / Judgments Head Notes
  • Large Scale Document Review
  • Legal Coding
  • Litigation Support
  • Due Diligence and Competitive Intelligence
  • Patent Proof Reading Services
  • Immigration Support services