LexQual is a highly efficient and cost effective Legal Outsourcing service provider based in India. Founded in 2011, LexQual combines best professional expertise with latest technology ensuring high quality and on-time delivery of services to Attorneys, Law Firms, and Corporate legal departments across the globe. Our aim is to provide cost-effective legal services that meet the standard and quality required for world-class legal representation. Though we primarily serve international enterprises, we are equally committed to serve the legal needs of domestic law firms and corporate houses. Outsourcing legal work to LexQual would mean a reduction of 60 to 70 percent in cost. The benefit of which could be ultimately passed on to their valuable clients.


Benefits of our expertise

To allow you to focus on your mission of providing high quality products and/ or services to your customers, it only makes sense to outsource skill-specific tasks to experts who can perform it better and faster.The benefit of outsourcing to us prove more cost-effective for you rather than spending resources to train your staff to handle it. You save on money and precious man-hours.

Focus on core activities

As your business grows in size, all the back-office, routine, non-core functions also increase, and could affect the quality of your core activities. By identifying and outsourcing your legal tasks to us, you can redirect your work to us.